The class split into two groups and wrote a Bonfire night poem collaboratively. It was great to hear how creative the children were, using lovely adjectives to describe their experiences of a bonfire night party.  In art, we created some exciting and colourful shape collage rockets and bonfire silhouette pictures. We had lots of fun using the hammers to tap pins into our spooky pumpkins with precision, really testing our fine motor skills!

In mathematics, we have been counting and ordering, and looking for missing hidden numbers on the number line and hundred square. We used the number line to help with some simple addition problems. We read the story ‘Inside, Outside, Upside Down’ to learn about positional language – we gave instructions to a partner, asking them to put our class lion in all sorts of funny places! Poor Rory didn’t like being under the box at all!

Poem 1

Poem 2