We talked about the variety of tastes and had the chance to taste sweet jam, bitter dark chocolate, salty crisps and sour lemon. The children discussed their favourites and described the flavour of each food. We also learnt about how our noses work. The children experimented with pestle and mortars in the tuff tray, grinding herbs into water to enjoy the different aromas of each one – we investigated basil, rosemary, mint and thyme.

Friday morning was tremendous fun as we used the sense of hearing to listen a range of music – from Indian bhangra, Irish river dance, smooth jazz to classical pieces. We played the game ‘Name that noise Bingo!’ too! We enjoyed watching the story of ‘Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf’ played by Alexander Armstrong and The London Mozart Players. The children especially enjoyed hearing how the instruments helped in the telling of the story.

In mathematics this week we have been representing the numbers 6, 7 and 8 and thinking of the different ways we can make each of these numbers. We have also been looking closely at money, we enjoyed seeing and feeling real bank cards, coins and notes.

We will be celebrating Chinese New Year and the Year of the Tiger next week.