The class enjoyed being palaeontologists studying in our ‘Dinosaur Investigation Station’. Donning gloves and magnifying glasses to explore ‘dinosaur dung’ to find out what the dinosaur had eaten – whether they were herbivore, carnivore or omnivore.  They also loved carefully digging and brushing the bones and fossils hidden in the dirt and sand. The children have also been busy at the making table, creating dinosaur masks and printing colourful dotty dinosaurs.

In mathematics this week, we have been focusing on addition and subtraction, reading number sentences and looking closely at the symbols (+ – =).  We have been using the 100 square for counting and recognising numbers, and counting in 2s and 10s.

In PE this week we discovered how many ways we can move with a hoop.  We rolled it, jumped in and out of it and attempted to move it up and down over our bodies, without it touching our bodies.

Well done to Reception for a wonderful start to the Spring Term – they have all focused and engaged in their learning and we are delighted with their progress. Have a wonderful half term, we shall look forward to hearing all the exciting news and seeing holiday snapshots on our return to school.

On Tuesday 22nd March Reception class will be taking part in a ‘Road Safety’ Workshop run by our school Junior Travel Ambassadors. Please bring in your named scooter and helmet for the ‘Scooter Skills’ session but please do not worry if your child does not have a scooter as we have school scooters your child can use.