We looked at the life cycle of a sunflower plant and used this to help us write instructions of how to plant a sunflower seed. We also sequenced pictures of the sunflower life cycle and planting process. We enjoyed independently following our instructions to plant our seeds and planted them in pots made of newspaper as we discussed this would be better for our environment.  The sunflowers will be coming home, so you can watch the plant grow! How tall will it get?  Please let us know or send in pictures.  We discussed the importance of watering our seedlings and what helps plants to grow. Many of the children enjoyed sharing their gardening knowledge and descriptions of trips to allotments to plant vegetables.

In mathematics, we have enjoyed using Numicon shapes to represent our teen numbers.  We have also explored using a variety of resources, such as ten’s frames and bead strings to help us demonstrate our understanding of our higher numbers.

Also, this week in line with our topic ‘Mindfulness and the sky’ we have looked at different types of clouds and talked about how we can travel in the sky.  Who knew there were so many different ways?  In art, we made hot air balloons and aeroplanes for a wall display, and we each made a parachute which we tested from a height!

Have a very enjoyable bank holiday weekend!