We had a ‘ribbit’ great time learning how to draw frogs following a step by step guide. It was fabulous to see how unique each frog looked!  Our lovely frogs are up on display in the classroom.


In mathematics, we have been learning ‘first, then, now’. The first, then, now structure encourages just that. Children can place objects or figures into each section of the first, then, now activity mat and build a story, using the language ‘first, then and now’. Using a first, then, now structure can help children to tell maths stories related to addition and subtraction. This simple first, then, now activity mat encourages children to use objects or drawing to put calculations into meaningful context by telling simple maths stories.

We have also been exploring 2D shapes and tangrams. Understanding how to reposition tangram shapes can help develop spatial skills. We enjoyed making puzzles and cutting 2D shapes, this encouraged the mental rotation of objects and helps children learn to rotate and translate shapes. It’s a perfect way to get children exploring new and familiar shapes, letting them explore shapes in a new context.

Next week, our topic is bears! We would love to meet your favourite bear, or share your favourite bear story in show and tell next week.