On Wednesday, Reception class enjoyed a second morning with Mrs Timba and Mrs Swain in Year 1. They came back to the classroom really excited about their transition in September.

In mathematics this week, we have been learning about sharing and halving. We thought about sharing fairly and a played guessing game spotting numbers that share! We have also been learning the odd and even numbers to ten.

In preparation for our outing this week, we have enjoyed learning about ‘Farms’ and ‘Farm Animals’. We loved playing in our farm themed tuff spots, especially building walls to separate the fields with Weetabix walls! We have crafted paper doily sheep and written about a day in the life of our favourite farm animal. We have milked Bessie the Reception cow but the highlight of our week naturally was visiting Bockett’s farm.

Although it was a hot day the children enjoyed seeing all the animals basking in the sunshine!  It was lovely to take the children on a school trip to such a wonderful working farm environment. The children took part in animal handling, where they were allowed to get up close to a rabbit,  guinea pig and cockerel. We enjoyed feeding the cows, goats and sheep in the big barn. Then Farmer took us for a ride around the farm on his tractor and trailer which was the greatest of fun. The children returned to the coach a little weary but delighting in their farm experiences.  We like to say a big thankyou to our parent helper, Mrs Double, and to Miss Cutting – thank you for your invaluable help today!

Next week we will be continuing our Farm topic!