A definite highlight of our week was making fruit kebabs. We talked about the importance of eating healthily and how important fruit and vegetables are in our diet.  The children then made choices about which ones they wanted to include in their kebabs – some children were very adventurous, deciding to try new things. They also developed their cutting skills using a ‘fork as their friend’ to stabilise the fruit and then used a knife safely to cut each piece into bite-sized pieces. Reception have enjoyed different fruit inspired creative activities including: printing, close observational drawing, cutting and sticking – lovely observational drawings of pineapples have been made in oil pastels which are going to look ‘tip top’ on display in our classroom.

We also read the story, Handa’s Surprise and enjoyed thinking about the different fruits and animals seen on her journey to visit her friend Akeyo. Using puppets and props from the Handa’s Surprise story sack, they retold the story before then writing about their favourite part.

In mathematics, we have been learning about the numbers 6 and 7. We have been using the number fans and bricks to find one more and one less. We enjoyed ordering fruits in size order and completed a cutting and sticking activity from largest to smallest.

In PE we enjoyed using hockey sticks to perfect the push pass.  We were taught the correct hand grip and how to use the hockey stick safely.

Next week we will be off to Pizza Express – we cannot wait to make delicious pizzas!