In mathematics, we have been learning to tell the time using o’clock and have been learning about days of the week, as well as discussing differences between day and night. We made clocks out of a hula hoop, numbers with sticks for hands and worked with a partner to place the numbers in the correct place. We also made ourselves a paper plate clock to practise telling the time to o’clock at home!

Each child researched then printed out a picture of their favourite wild animal. We then used our picture to paint a detailed picture. We have added our paintings to our class ‘Endangered Animal’ display around a beautiful collage of Earth. We were amazed at how many animals are endangered especially due to humans’ actions causing changes to their habitats and pollution.

On Tuesday, we enjoyed a ‘friendship workshop’ for anti-bullying week. We enjoyed playing games with a variety of partners during our session and celebrated how unique we all are! We acted out things that we enjoy doing with our friends and how to respond to different scenarios when things don’t according to plan. We especially like the phrase ‘Stop, Think, Words can hurt’, making us more reflective towards others.

Next week, we are continuing the theme with another week of learning about animals!