In the classroom, we have spoken at length about safe crossing of roads and the children demonstrated good understanding of the need to ‘stop, look, listen and think’. We met a very friendly superhero called Super Cat who taught us a fun road safety rap – ask the children to show you the actions at home! We were so inspired by Super Cat and his ability to swoop in and avert some serious road crossing disasters, that we wrote stories about him. We discussed the way stories are structured – the beginning part of the story to set the scene, the middle part where something exciting happens and the end where all the loose ends are tied up! The children demonstrated some excellent story writing skills and enjoyed sharing their books with their friends.

In art we enjoyed looking on the internet to find our favourite vehicle, which we then printed out to free paint. We have the most amazing vehicle gallery in the classroom including, police cars and helicopters, Lamborghini’s and Rolls Royce, bikes and motor bikes and even a British Airways aeroplane. We also enjoyed creating our own road maps with a friend, drawing road signs and crossings.

In mathematics, we have been looking at ways of representing the numbers 9 and 10. We especially had fun working together in our ‘talking partners’ sorting and counting. In phonics this week, we have been learning new digraph ‘ou’.

Next week, we are looking forward to celebrating World Book Day on Thursday but, before the actual day, a trip to Hampton Library on Tuesday.