In mathematics, we have been looking at doubling and halving numbers, using the markings on ladybirds to help us with our working out.

Wednesday was full of excitement as the children visited their future classroom and teachers. They loved going upstairs to Year 1 and getting to know their next teachers.  Both Mrs Timba and Mrs Swain felt that they were more than ready for their transition to Year 1 – very well done to all!

We enjoyed the run up to sports day, practising our three races with gusto! Well done to all of our very own ‘Star Bakers’ in Reception class, for keeping their chef hats on and icing their cup-cakes -great job!

Next week we are looking forward to ‘Anglo Saxon & Viking’ Day on Monday! Our topic for the next two weeks is ‘The Farm’; we are so looking forward to our trip to Bocketts Farm on Wednesday.  Goodness another very busy week by the looks.