We read the story of the Little Red Hen, whose friends were too lazy to help her to make bread. We spoke about how nice it is to say, “yes, of course” when we are asked to help. The children all agreed that they would have helped the Little Red Hen, which was lovely to hear. In our phonics sessions, we have continued developing our blending skills, as well as learning the correct formation of letters /r/, /h/and /m/.

In mathematics, we used the tens frames to help with some simple addition problems. We have also been learning the mathematical names for 3D shapes. We played some fun sorting 2D and 3D shape games.

Don’t forget to fill your ‘Autumn Treasure Bag’ this weekend so we can share our Autumn treasures with friends next week!

Next week, we will be looking for ‘Signs of Autumn & Nocturnal Animals’