This week we have enjoyed the story, ‘Stickman’ by Julia Donaldson, using this as our stimulus for story writing and crafting. We also took a collection of sticks to make stick people. We used various craft resources to give them each a fabulous make-over and created some jazzy stick folk.  We even tried our hand at painting with sticks! We also listened to the story, ‘The First Christmas Story’ after enjoying watching Kindergarten’s dress rehearsal. We have been learning the digraphs ‘ee’ and ‘or’, listening carefully for words containing these sounds.

In mathematics we have been looking at the composition of numbers and using practical activities using addition and subtraction, we have been counting number in blocks and noticing how the cubes make either a square, rectangle or L shape or even a star! On Tuesday we took part in our STEM Brickkies workshop, we loved making our very creative ‘Colourful crazy houses’ with Jamie. Jamie was particularly impressed with our creations which made a fantastic looking city ready for all the famous people to move into! He was also very impressed with Reception’s tidying up skills!

We have had a very creative week; the classroom is a very glittery place to be! We have been busy making our classroom Christmassy and have enjoyed exploring Santa’s Workshop and Christmas play dough immensely.

Naturally Christmas continues next week!