In the classroom all this week we have enjoyed being palaeontologists studying in our ‘Dinosaur Investigation Station’. Donning gloves and magnifying glasses to explore ‘dinosaur dung’ to find out what the dinosaur had eaten – whether they were herbivore, carnivore or omnivore.  The children followed a recipe to make salt dough bones and once the bones were dry, they were buried in soil.  The children loved carefully digging and brushing the bones and fossils hidden in the dirt and soil.  The children have also been busy at the dinosaur themed making table and playing in the dinosaur swamp.

On Wednesday we enjoyed a Dinosaur workshop, we met a real palaeontologist called Jonathan, he allowed us to gently remove sand with paint brushes to expose his collection of amazing dinosaur bones and fossils. We then used his books and posters to identify what had been uncovered. At the end of our workshop, we got to meet his pet Triceratops ,called Sophie; we enjoyed giving her a stroke – luckily, she hadn’t grown teeth yet!

In mathematics this week, we have been exploring capacity, we have enjoyed filling containers and measuring – using a collection of words to describe the capacity and volume. We have also been looking closely at money, we enjoyed seeing and feeling real bank cards, coins and notes.

We finished the week with some large dinosaur movements and noises in our ‘Tiny the T-Rex’ Cosmic Kids Yoga!

Next week we will be learning about ‘The Senses’.