We looked closely at our tongues in a mirror, naming the parts we could see, and were amazed to find that children have more taste buds than adults! We talked about the variety of tastes and had the chance to taste sweet honey, bitter dark chocolate, salty crisps and sour lemon. The children discussed their favourites and described the flavour of each food. We also learnt about how our noses work. The children experimented with pestle and mortars in the tuff tray, grinding herbs into water to enjoy the different aromas of each one – we investigated basil, rosemary, mint and thyme.

We have also been looking closely at money and counting out pennies to make the correct amount. The children enjoyed visiting Mrs O’Brien’s shop to buy cuddly toys and Miss Johnston’s money game on the board. We have also been practising our counting, recognising larger numbers and counting in 2s and 10s using a 100 square. On Thursday we worked hard at writing our own subtraction equations.

Next week we are looking forward to celebrating ‘Lunar New Year’ and our 1920’s themed workshops next Friday!