In mathematics, we used the Chinese Zodiac animal story to support our learning of ordinal numbers, we were surprised that the Jade Emperor allowed the rat to come first in the race after he sneakily took 1st position after cheating! We were happy that the ox came 2nd then the tiger taking up 3rd position!  We have also been learning to double numbers to boost our number sense. We had fun playing with a game with a ‘Doubling Robot’, working out if the doubling robot would make the correct doubles. We also made doubling lady birds and butterflies. The children have also enjoyed playing shops – counting the coins to pay for items in our Chinese restaurant.

We finished the week celebrating 1920’s day! We enjoyed participating in a 1920’s themed singing and dancing workshop.  It was fabulous to see the children copying the moves of the Charleston! Well done Reception class, you made us very proud!

After half term, we look forward to learning about ‘Road Safety’. On Thursday 22nd February we will be taking part in a Scooter Skills Workshop. If you have a scooter and helmet at home that your child would like to bring in to use please bring it in – we also have school scooters for the children to use if not. (Please make sure all scooters and helmets are named – and bring them into the classroom on Thursday morning so we can park them in our Reception outside area!)