The children were so excited to take part in three road safety workshops with our Prep ‘Junior Travel Ambassadors’, using their scooters and our special road safety set.  They practised safe stopping, scooting fast, slowing down and navigating a tricky obstacle course!  We also played at being lollipop people and drivers, making sure our pedestrians carefully crossed the road.  In the classroom, we have spoken at length about safe crossing of roads and the children demonstrated good understanding of the need to ‘stop, look, listen and think’.  We met a very friendly superhero called Super Cat who taught us a fun road safety rap – ask the children to show you the actions at home!

In art, we enjoyed looking on the internet to find our favourite vehicle, which we then printed out to free paint. We have the most amazing vehicle gallery in the classroom including, police cars and helicopters, bikes and motor bikes and even fast jets. We also enjoyed creating our own road maps with a friend, drawing road signs and crossings.

In mathematics, we have been exploring length and comparing length. We especially had fun drawing around our feet and measuring them with Unifix Cubes. We then created a tally chart, to see which length was the most popular. We also enjoyed working in our new ‘Space and Measure’ workbooks.  In phonics this week, we have been learning new digraphs ‘ch’ and ‘sh’.

Next week, our topic is the ‘Elmer’ stories by David McKee, and we are looking forward to our trip to Hampton Library on Tuesday.