Out of the first 12 fixtures, Hampton Prep were victorious in 10. There have been four tournaments already, and Hampton Prep have battled hard in these. The U11As reached the semi-final of the Surbiton tournament, scoring some excellent goals.  The U11Bs demonstrated great determination against tough opposition, which included both finalists! Strong performances in defence ensured the U11Bs where competitive.

In the Twickenham Prep Tournament, the U10A’s recorded a respectable second place and the U10Bs played some excellent passing football to win their league in style.


For the Year 3s, Home and Away fixtures are a whole new adventure and one they are loving. Mr Barber is doing a great job supporting them in getting them where they need to be. Please may I remind parents that slide-in shin pads are quicker to put on than shin pads that slide over the foot.  As with all Year 3 boys, lots of shoe lace tying practice would be beneficial too!  We understand that some boys will still find this challenging. If this is the case, boots with velcro straps are acceptable.


The Swimming Gala, our first House Event of the academic year, took place on Monday.  It is an event I really enjoy.  The boys always push themselves and work hard for their House, and, although September may seem a strange time to have it, we can get the whole school community together in the sunshine (usually).  As with all recent House Events it was extremely close. My heart was with Tudor House who have had a bit of a dry run of House Events in the past couple of years. They were leading by a long way for most of the Gala. But a huge congratulations for tenacious Lancaster for winning the last three relays to deny Tudor and grasp victory for themselves.


We have our U11 6-aside tournament at Hampton Senior School next Saturday and lots more fixtures to look forward to.


Chris Harrison Professional Cricket Coaching
Saturday Sessions – Autumn Term 2021
At Hampton School.

After a year off we are pleased to re-launch the very popular Saturday Sessions.
These sessions are designed and delivered by the Hampton School Professional
Cricket Coach, Chris Harrison and aim do the hard work in the winter period with
skills based sessions designed to improve batting, bowling and fielding on a
weekly basis. The course will develop understanding, skill level and confidence
whilst igniting a love of the game.

Please click here for more details