Vihaan expressed that he wanted to become a JTA so he could raise awareness about being eco-friendly and help introduce new initiatives. Aarav is “very aware about how climate change is affecting our planet” and is passionate about making a difference. Jay feels that global warming is an important subject and everyone should be aware of the ways we can help to slow it down by making fewer journeys by car, where possible. The boys also wrote this excellent poem, which they were happy to share:


This world is our home, this planet that we roam

Filled with wonderful creatures, so listen up – even all you teachers!

Now is our time to help restore, the beauty of our nature that we once had before

We must work together and unite, doing what we all know is right

Let us all try to walk instead of drive, one day a week and we shall strive

Maybe you can use your scooter, to become an eco-friendly commuter

Or you could even try and ride your bike, eco-friendly commuters alike

There are many ways you can support, as this fight is still yet to be fought

So, remember the initiatives we are about to share, as we begin to remind our glorious planet that we do still care!


The boys then ran a terrific assembly for us, which even linked to our termly theme of ‘adversity’. A point which struck home to us all was how they explained that some of the positives to come from these uncertain times include our wonderful planet benefitting greatly as our ozone layer is beginning to repair itself due the reduction of cars on the road. Their message to us all was to remember this before we decide to make our next journey by car and ask ourselves, do we really need to??