In English, we have continued reading the class text: “Look Up” by Nathan Bryon. Rocket, the space-obsessed protagonist wants everyone to be as excited as her about an impending meteor shower!  Just like the character in the book, the children have been working on persuading people to come and see the meteor shower by designing a persuasive poster. After this, we made the classroom as dark as possible to watch a recorded meteor shower on the whiteboard – it was quite magical!

Thank you for all the kitchen roll tubes you have sent in – any more donations of these would be gratefully received. The children were delighted to plan their rockets this week; first learning about each part of the rocket and why it was important.  They then drew designs featuring nose cones, fins and a body tube. We can’t wait to see these designs come to life next week when we make our own rockets!

Have a lovely, sunny weekend!