Back at school, we have been enjoying the book, The Darkest Dark about real-life astronaut Chris Hadfield. We were surprised to find that as a child he was scared of the dark but overcame his fear because he was so desperate to be an astronaut. What an inspiring story! We are continuing to improve our writing by using conjunctions, adjectives and alliteration.

In maths our fractions learning has continued and we have investigated quarters this week – in relation to shapes and quantities. The children were able to find a quarter of a quantity through their understanding of how to share a set of objects equally. We know that one quarter refers to one of the four equal groups. We were fascinated to see the link between finding half of an amount and half again to find a quarter. Visiting the “Fraction Café” where the children could order half a pizza, a quarter of a cake and a quarter of a bar of real chocolate helped cement our learning in a very tasty way!

Have a wonderful weekend.