They also thoroughly enjoyed all the excitement and activity in preparation for Sports Day!  The children were keen to participate, and showed themselves to be very good team players on the day. What a super occasion!

In English, the children have loved reading the story of Paddington’s Post, an interactive picture book exploring Paddington’s new life in London after travelling all the way from Darkest Peru, and meeting Mr and Mrs Brown at Paddington station. The children got to open the six envelopes inside and found out all about his new home, family and friends, including Paddington’s first letter to Aunt Lucy, a half-price voucher for his favourite buns, and a very special birthday card.  This was all in preparation for some letter writing activities we will be undertaking in the next few weeks.

In maths we have been extending our knowledge of multiples of 10, recognising the efficiency of counting in groups of 10 as opposed to ones. We have also been partitioning numbers into tens and ones, and comparing them using the greater than and less than signs.

In science we have been studying the order of the planets in our solar system and we learnt a mnemonic to help us: My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming. So many of the children had retained this information from their experience at the Winchester Science Centre, in particular their voyage to outer space in the incredible planetarium!

Have a super weekend, we hope to see lots of you at the school fair!