In English, the children have continued to enjoy our mini-topic about Paddington Bear.  This led to some great writing opportunities, including a very special invitation to our teddy bears at home – do keep a close eye on the post, as a rather special invitation will be winding its way to you!

Maths has seen the children developing their understanding of the symbols, ‘<’ and ‘>’ as well as the associated vocabulary, ‘less than’ and ‘greater than’.  If you have some dice at home they will showcase their skill in not only using tens and ones, but selecting the correct symbol to compare generated two-digit numbers successfully – perhaps some may even try with 3 dice to generate bigger numbers to apply the same?

Contrasting seaside holidays, now and in the past, has shown us just how much destinations have opened up in the world due to new methods of transportation.  Accessing overseas vacations was only for the very wealthy as the general public tended to holiday in the UK, accessing seaside areas by only road or rail. It was not in fact until Thomas Cook began promoting foreign holidays in the early 1950s with charter flights that the first mass holiday packages came about!

But, of course, the highlight of our week was taking part in the Year 1 Summer Super Sports Gala, hosted by Prep and led by all the fabulous sports staff.  The children were treated to an exciting carousel of sporting activities – cricket, rugby, golf, athletics to name but a few – and competed with Year 1 children from Richmond Borough schools.  We were all impressed with the sportsmanship displayed by our plucky Year 1 athletes!

Have a super weekend!