In maths, we have continued our learning about addition and subtraction, using this knowledge to answer missing number problems – for example, 3 + _ = 10, and 12 – _ = 9. We also worked on extracting information from a worded problem and writing this as a number sentence. For example, if Mrs Timba had 6 sweets and gave Miss Maynard 3, how many would she have left, and how can you express this as a number sentence?

In science, we were all very excited to look at the wonderful array of leaves brought in from home.  We talked about the shape, size and colour of the leaves and had an opportunity to classify them.  The boys were also very excited to plan our waterproof experiment for next week – we need to test materials to make a new umbrella for our class pets Snowy and Peggy. The children made predictions about which materials will be waterproof and which will let the rain through! We will report the results of our testing next week!