In English we have been immersing ourselves in poetry – listening to poems, joining in with reading poems, discussing poems and writing poems. It’s been a busy week! We will be continuing this focus next week. We have tried to use plenty of adjectives in our work, and discussed how this can make our writing richer, and more interesting to read.

In maths we have been recapping on the “part/whole” model which supports us when learning addition and subtraction facts. For example, if 10 is the ‘whole’, 6 is one ‘part’ then the other ‘part’ must be 4.  We have been so impressed with how well the children have remembered how to manipulate number facts and number bonds using this approach and will continue to embed understanding of this method.

Looking at the children’s baby photographs was a real highlight of the week – thank you so much for sending these in.  We had a wonderful time looking at the pictures and discussing who was who! We discussed how the children had changed and compared things that they could do now that they weren’t able to do as babies.