In maths we have been delving deeper into the world of addition with the aid of the part-whole model. The children have also been applying their understanding of number bonds to solve missing number problems. We were really impressed with how they were able to start from a given part and count on to the whole to find the missing part (using a number line or a bead string).  We then used real life contexts to create “subtraction stories” to find out how many are left – ready for the world of subtraction next week!

In our science lesson, the children enjoyed looking at the variety of pets we have in our class and we learnt about the different ways we care for our pets to keep them happy and healthy. We then designed a poster informing people of the best way to look after our chosen pet.

We have enjoyed the special road safety focus this week, especially when Mr Smith came to visit and read our “Dinosaurs Crossing the Road” story.  In Life Skills the children worked beautifully as a team to try and understand the negative effect bullying can have, tying in nicely with Anti-Bullying Week. Another action-packed week in Year 1!