In maths, we have been learning to compare addition and subtraction statements, recapping and consolidating the <, > and = symbols.  The children used lots of manipulatives to support them with these calculations and the teachers were really impressed with how well the children were able to compare calculations.  Lots of fun games and problem solving, with the help of our new soft toys from the Soft Toy Swap, supported the children with their new learning.

In Life Skills this week, following on from Anti-Bullying Week, we have learnt some top tips how to make new friends, such as how to start a conversation in the playground, or involve new friends in games.  We know that these skills will help us enjoy our time at school even more.

In Science, we became animal experts, learning how to group them according to their distinctive features.  We sorted them into the following groups: mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish.