In English the children explored the hugely topical “Paddington’s Post”, an interactive picture book exploring Paddington’s new life in London after travelling all the way from Darkest Peru and meeting Mr and Mrs Brown at Paddington station. The children got to open the six envelopes inside and found out all about his new home, family and friends, including Paddington’s first letter to Aunt Lucy, a half-price voucher for his favourite buns, and a very special birthday card.  This was all in preparation for some letter writing activities.  The children also moved up to Year 2 again, and decided to write letters to our new friends who will be joining us in September.  They created “All About Me” posters so the new boys can start to get to know us!

In mathematics, we have continued our money learning objectives by taking a trip to the class shop.  The children were thrilled to be given some toy money and were then allowed to choose a couple of things to purchase, ensuring that they counted out the correct money and calculated change accurately!

Next week promises to be exciting – we shall be writing to our teddy bears with a special invitation…keep a look out for the post!