Nonetheless, we hope Mr Fox enjoyed our story, The Gruffalo, from his den in the bushes.  The next day we wrote a polite thank you letter to Mr Fox, to tell him our favourite part of the party.  We have also been learning about plurals – when to add ‘s’, and when to add ‘es’.

In maths, we have focused our learning on shape. We have been working on recognising and sorting 2D and 3D shapes. We worked practically with a variety of shapes, and discussed sorting by different criteria. We also investigated patterning using shape and colour.

In science, we were so excited to test materials for their waterproof qualities, in order to choose the best material to make an umbrella for Luca, our class lion.  We spoke about making sure it was a fair test and also the best way to record our results.

The children have worked incredibly hard during their first half term – we have been very impressed with how they have settled into Year 1, and we wish you all a relaxing and pleasant half term break.