In our phonics lessons, we have been learning all the different ways of reading and writing the ee sounds: ee (as in sheep), ea (as in meat), ey (as in monkey) and the split digraph e_e (as in even).  What a lot of different digraphs, and the children have amazed us with their quick learning of these!

In maths we have been furthering our knowledge of addition by looking at addition fact families.  The children discovered that the order of an addition sentence can be varied, and they began to discover that addition is commutative, i.e. when two numbers are added in any order the sum remains the same.


They combined their knowledge of the part-whole model and addition facts to explore number bonds within 10.  Starting with the whole, the children broke numbers into parts and explored how many different ways a number can be partitioned. They even worked systematically to find all the possible number bonds.  What a lot of super mathematicians we have in Year 1!

In our Humanities lesson this week, we were excited to become History detectives and look for clues in some very special artefacts! Mrs Murphy kindly brought in her special collection of teddy bears for us to look at – one bear was over 80 years old!  We carefully observed the the bears and their condition, ordering them from oldest to newest by looking for clues.  We were interested to learn that the oldest bear was stuffed with straw to make him soft.