In mathematics, we have been building our knowledge of doubles to 20, and using near doubles as a tool to help with our addition skills.  We know that if we see the sum 5 + 4, we can use double 4 and then add 1 to help us calculate the answer.  We also learnt that when adding numbers, it is quicker to start with the greater number.  We know that 2 + 13 is the same as 13 + 2, but that the second calculation will yield speedier results.

Our humanities topic this half term has been Brazil, and the children are now able to locate Brazil on the map, recognise the country’s flag and recount a few facts. We have been comparing life in Brazil to here in the UK, and have looked at similarities and differences between the two countries. This week we listened to Brazilian music, and looked at pictures of how the Rio Carnival is celebrated. What an absolute feast for the senses! Next week, we are excited to design and decorate some carnival masks and get ready to take part in our very own Hampton Pre-Prep carnival!