Before writing our own stories, we described the characters and settings we would encounter – focusing on using interesting adjectives, with bonus team points for alliterative adjectives!

Our maths learning has focused on using our knowledge of place value to learn about numbers within 50.  We can identify how many tens and ones are in two-digit numbers, and use this information to compare numbers.  We have also been estimating where numbers sit on a number line, identifying the mid-way point to help us with this task. I have been impressed with the way the children are able to justify their reasoning when deciding where to place their numbers. For example;  I know that the number 43 must sit here because the midway point is 45, and 43 is less than 45.  What brilliant evidence of mathematical thinking – well done, Year 1!

We are very much looking forward to our Year 1 class trip to Hanwell Zoo on Wednesday, 15th March, and are hoping for brighter weather! Do please make sure your child brings their school coat with a hood, in case of any showers.

Have a lovely weekend!