The children were also enthralled by the Millennium Maze which is found in the adjacent Brent Lodge Park and were all very successful in finding their way to the centre! The children all behaved so beautifully, and Jim the zookeeper complimented them on their excellent knowledge of animals and good listening skills. What a pleasure they were to take out – very well done, Year 1!

Back in the classroom we have been immersing ourselves in fact books this week. We went on a scavenger hunt to look for all the different features of fact books, and learnt how to use a contents page, glossary and index page. We are excited to write our own fact files next week all about African animals.

In mathematics, we have been exploring length and height.  The children compared different lengths and heights, and learned how to measure using non-standard units such as cubes and paper-clips.  We also learnt that when using a ruler, it is essential to measure from 0cm.