The children got to open the six envelopes inside and found out all about his new home, family and friends, including Paddington’s first letter to Aunt Lucy, a half-price voucher for his favourite buns, and a very special birthday card.  This led on to some great writing opportunities including a very special invitation to teddy bears at home – do keep a close eye on the post as a rather special invitation will be winding its way to you!

In mathematics this week, the children have been focusing on money learning objectives and have shown what wizzes they are at coin recognition, from 1p to £2, as well as some notes – any opportunities to handle money at home this weekend will support and embed their learning in class.

Contrasting seaside holidays, now and in the past, has shown us just how much destinations have opened up in the world due to new methods of transportation.  Accessing overseas vacations was only for the very wealthy as the general public tended to holiday in the UK, accessing seaside areas by only road or rail. It was not in fact until Thomas Cook began promoting foreign holidays in the early 1950s with charter flights that the first mass holiday packages came about!