In English this week, we have read the story, ‘Knuffle Bunny’ by Mo Willems, where a little girl loses her favourite soft toy.  It was very nice to meet all of the children’s cherished toys on Tuesday, and thankfully none were lost at school! We wrote a sentence to introduce our toys to the class. The children worked hard to remember careful cursive letter formation, and starting each letter on the line.  We talked about ending a sentence using correct punctuation, even trying out exclamation marks.

In phonics, we learnt about vowels and consonants – ask your child to sing you our new vowel song! Then we used our phonic knowledge to spell CVCC (consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant) words; putting them into a sentence, and remembering to use capital letters and full stops.

In maths, we have been learning about careful counting; crossing out as we count objects on a page, moving real objects as we count, and always starting at 1!  We also practised careful number formation – starting at the top of each number. Next week we will be learning about the concept of one more/ one less.

Wishing you all a restful weekend!