We also busied ourselves collecting plenty of autumnal woodland treasures for a display in our classroom.  We listened carefully to an autumn story before heading back to school. The children all walked so smartly on our first outing and listened very well – well done Year 1!

In English, we have all been fully invested in finding out what which creature has stolen Squirrel’s nuts! Our writing has focused on how to describe the setting of a story; a police station in a forest.  We then wrote about the little mouse in the story who did not have a name – thinking carefully about building a character and their likes and dislikes.

In maths, our focus this week has been ordering groups of objects, and using the language smallest and greatest to compare the groups.  We have also become very familiar with using a number line. Next week, we will be learning about 2D and 3D shape.

We were delighted that the children filled their class marble jar – by working together and following the Golden Rules.  This resulted in a special treat on Wednesday to celebrate! Well done, Year 1!