This was a particular favourite;

Down behind the dustbin,

I met a dog called Cute,

I said “Look at that!

You’re wearing a rusty, old boot!”

The children then used highlighters to identify the pairs of rhyming words – excellent work, Year 1!

In maths, we have been delving deeper into the world of addition with the aid of the part-whole model. The children have also been applying their understanding of number bonds to solve missing number problems. We were really impressed with how they were able to start from a given part and count on to the whole to find the missing part.  We then used real life contexts to create “addition stories” to find out how many altogether. Next week, we are looking forward to learning all about subtraction.

In our Humanities lesson this week, we were excited to become History detectives and look for clues in some very special artefacts! Mrs Murphy kindly brought in her special collection of teddy bears for us to look at – one bear was over 80 years old!  We carefully observed the bears and their condition, ordering them from oldest to newest by looking for clues.  We were interested to learn that the oldest bear was stuffed with straw to make him soft.