Back in the classroom, we completed a paper chain challenge, where we had to try and create the longest paper chain.  The children may like to have another go at our paper chain challenge with family members at home – only one sheet of paper allowed, two minutes to plan and fifteen minutes to make! Who can make the longest chain? Any budding scientists/engineers who email in a photo of them carrying out an experiment at home or the paper chain challenge will earn a team point!

In English, Year 1 have been enjoying Julia Donaldson’s rhyming poem Nut Tree. We were rhyme detectives, spotting the rhyming words in the text – even those which did not follow the same spelling pattern.  We were also careful not to get tricked by the odd words out – some are spelled the same, but said differently – for example in bead and head.

In maths, we have switched our focus to subtraction, breaking numbers into their parts to support this. The children were able to link addition and subtraction facts for the first time, creating fact families. Number bond knowledge is really supporting them with the speed and agility of calculation. It is fascinating to see how well some of the children are able to explain their mathematical thinking, both verbally and in writing.