Once upon a time in Year 1 We have been learning about traditional tales in English this week! First of all, the children listened to the traditional story ‘Dragon Dinosaur’, and then having chosen their favourite part, discussed it with a friend and then wrote about it.  The children tried hard to s-t-r-e-t-c-h out their sentences using conjunctions like because and and.  The children were then challenged to bring this traditional tale to Hampton Pre-Prep by writing a description of the deadliest, fiercest animal they could think of to defend our school from a T-Rex dinosaur! We also spoke about the different tales we have come across and some of our favourite characters from these. We shall be enjoying a variety of fairy tales in the classroom over the coming weeks.  And they all lived happily ever after…!

In mathematics this week the children have been looking closely at place value within 20 – we have primarily used bead strings and Rekenreks to support our learning of this.  We have been developing reasoning skills by inviting the children to explain their methods when problem solving.  The children have been encouraged to prove their learning to their friends – Tell us/show us how you knew? is one of our favourite questions in maths!  We also talk regularly about Marvellous Mistakes, and I am so happy to see the children having a go at answering questions, even if they are not quite sure of the answer.  It is these mistakes, and having the confidence to make mistakes in a supportive environment, which helps us to make progress.