In mathematics, we have been learning about numbers within 50. The children have worked practically to look at grouping objects in 10s to help them count; we discovered this is makes counting easier when faced with a large group of randomly arranged objects. We have looked at tens and ones and found out how these make up numbers to 50; we now recognise that a 2-digit number is formed by counting the number of groups of ten for the first digit and the ones left over as the second digit. We will continue this learning next week.

We were all so excited to follow more instructions in Science this week, when we were planting our very own beans.  Our beans are in transparent bags so that we can observe the changes, and we are excited to report that some roots have already started sprouting!  The children are thrilled each morning to come in and note any developments.  In our lesson, we talked about what plants need to grow, and using this knowledge, predicted what will happen to the beans we haven’t watered and the ones we are leaving without any light.