We have also continued working on our rainforest diorama project.  What a bunch of talented, creative children we have in Year 2!  These creations will be making their way home to you on completion.

In mathematics, the children combined their previous learning about position and direction to describe movement and turns. They engaged in games and activities describing movement and giving instructions to move an object or person from one place to another. They realised that it is helpful to visualise which way an object or person is facing and which way it will be facing if it turns left or right. Use of the terms ‘clockwise’ and ‘anti-clockwise’ were introduced.  The children then explored patterns that involve turns.

In science, the children have been observing the miraculous germination of our broad bean plants in class. They have now changed into seedlings and this is supporting the children’s understanding of the stages of germination and what a seed and plant needs to grow.  This will be concluded next week.

Enjoy a calm, restful weekend before the final action-packed week of term!