In maths, we have continued with our work on 3-digit numbers by generating, sequencing and comparing them. We also had a go at adding 3-digit numbers together using the column method. It was a great example of where we have learnt a skill (column addition) and can now apply it to a number of any size.

Today was probably our most exciting day of the week… our long-awaited trip to The Living Rainforest! We have been counting down the days to this trip for months! It was so much fun walking around the rainforest and spotting different animals and plants that we have been learning about in our lessons. We had an excellent guided tour where we learnt many interesting facts and were asked lots of questions. Do ask your child to tell you what they learnt and saw!


We would like to thank our parent helpers for joining us today. Our trip would not have been possible without them, so a well-deserved thank you!