See the image below for a visual representation. The children have chosen which method they prefer individually and understand that both ways give the same answer. Next week, we will be moving onto statistics.

In English, the children have been learning about words containing an unusual ‘o’ that actually makes an ‘u’ sound, like in the word ‘under’. For example, words like ‘love’ and ‘another’. They have also revised their learning of plurals, including what happens with nouns ending with a constant and a y. For example, ‘berry’ becomes ‘berries’. Towards the end of the week, the children have been writing instructions for their own marvellous medicine. They have considered the use of adjectives to describe, adverbs to add more detail and exciting verbs – ‘put’ was only allowed once!

The children are making excellent progress within their PE and Gym lessons. They have been taught a dance in gym – do ask your child to teach you! The Games teachers were very pleased with the children’s behaviour and manners this week and awarded them 2 marbles for our class reward jar. Well done Year 2!