In English, the children have thought about what they may dream about if they fell asleep under a great kapok tree, the way the man did in our key text, ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ by Lynne Cherry. Next week, we will be reading a different text also written by Lynne Cherry. We will also be revisiting our knowledge of suffixes.

This afternoon, we really enjoyed visiting the Prep site to talk with Mrs Tinkler and Form 5B about behaviour expectations at the Prep. We found out all about the different rewards and sanctions you can receive at the Prep site – we can’t wait to start collecting excellent slips! After chatting to Mrs Tinkler and 5B, we enjoyed playing some fun games organised by Mrs Mills and the Friendship Champions. All of the Prep boys were so kind and friendly. We are starting to feel really excited about our move to Year 3!