The children then took part in a carousel of exciting experiments:

  • observing how a half eggshell spins on a plate when dipped in water;
  • observing the chemical reaction between milk and soap by watching the dancing, swirling patterns of drops of food colouring;
  • observing how eggs sink in fresh water and float in salty water;
  • observing how a whole orange floats in water but a peeled orange sinks!


We are certain the children would love to show you these mini experiments at home!  You can find them all here:  along with all the scientific explanations!

The children continue to explore number and place value in maths, and they are becoming adept at explaining their understanding verbally.  In English we have completed the story of “Too Much Talk” and the children were able to retell the ending of the story in their own words.  We can’t wait to get started on our new poetry unit next week.

Finally, we completed our topic learning this week by taking a look at the African country, Rwanda, through the eyes of Mrs Leissle and her daughter.  The children learnt all about their trip to Rwanda in 2018, visiting and working in schools and clinics, as well as experiencing the glorious nature, wild animals and incredibly friendly people.  Year 2 are now ready and looking forward to comparing the small town of Rusuzumiro, Rwanda, with Hampton, England!