We are learning about different sources and uses of electricity in science and by learning to recognise items that are powered by electricity.

In mathematics we have started the new year by looking at money. The children have learnt to count in both pounds and pence, as well as exploring different ways of making the same amount.  Now is the time to empty the piggy banks and purses and let your child play with money and investigate different ways of making totals (possibly a historical lesson in itself!).

In English over the next 2 weeks we will be basing our learning on the story ‘The Whales’ Song’ by Dyan Sheldon, beautifully illustrated by Gary Blythe.  The children have loved reading this magical tale and are getting prepared to write a diary entry as if they were the main character, Lilly.

In RE this half term we will be learning all about Judaism – beliefs, traditions, festivals, symbols and celebrations.  Finally, in Life Skills, the children are all fired up with the new topic ‘Dreams and Goals’, as we have set them some challenges to achieve over the next couple of weeks, ranging from counting to 10 in Chinese Mandarin, to dancing the Macarena. We can’t wait!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.