In English the children have loved getting into role and writing their own diary entry as if they were Lilly, the lead character of The Whales’ Song.  What a group of incredible writers we have in Year 2! Mrs Wordsmith would be proud of the vocabulary choices being made.  The children even got to grips with writing in clear, succinct paragraphs.  Keep up the good work, Year 2!

We have continued our learning about significant individuals in humanities by learning about the politician and environmentalist, Wangari Maathai.  She was the first black African woman to receive the Nobel prize for peace in 2004.  The children learnt about her struggle for democracy, human rights, and the conservation of the environment and enjoyed reading the story, “Mama Miti”, by Donna Jo Napoli and beautifully illustrated by Kadir Nelson.  Some of the children in Year 2 are very keen for us to do more to help support the environment and we will use Wangari Maathai’s example to help spur us on in our campaign to do whatever we can to save the planet.  Indeed, we thought that we could add this to our Life Skills’ challenges and see how we can spread the environmental word.