The children have thoroughly enjoyed being news reporters in our English lessons this week. So many of them were able to retell significant events from ‘The True Story of the Three Little Pigs’, reporting what eyewitnesses saw and writing in the past tense.  Expert writers were even able to use apostrophes for possession and use Mrs Wordsmith’s exciting vocabulary to bring the article to life!

In Mathematics, the children explored the 2 times-table in a range of ways, being exposed to multiple representations. They used concrete resources as well as number tracks, number lines and bar models. They were then able to use their knowledge of the 2 times-table to divide by 2, being extra aware of the differences between the grouping and sharing structures of division.  They also looked for patterns when doubling and halving whole numbers, and made the connection that when they double a number, they multiply by 2 and when they halve a number, they divide by 2. Having worked on odd and even numbers, the children finished the week by focusing on the 10 times-table. They used their understanding of multiplication to count forwards and backwards in 10s.


We had a lot of fun meeting Millie, Dom Dragon, Callie Cat and Ola Owl in the Internet Safety workshop.  The children were taught some useful ‘spells’ or mantras to support us when we are unsure online.  For example, Dom Dragon reminds us to be kind online with the following spell:

“Typing mean words makes people feel sad

                Typing kind words makes people feel glad!”


We also learnt in our science lesson this week how to stay safe when using electrical devices.  So, we are feeling safe and ready for half term! Wishing you all a fantastic, well-earned half-term break.