It’s safe to say that Year 2 were well prepared for their trip to the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre! It proved to be an enriching and exciting day out, where the children engaged in a workshop learning more about how Dahl crafted his characters.  Furthermore, they explored the museum’s galleries learning about how Dahl got ideas from his own life to craft the fabulous characters in his stories. They were thoroughly immersed in a range of interactive activities, including dressing up, to develop their understanding of Dahl’s books.  Year 2 then went on a village trail, exploring Great Missenden, making links to Dahl’s stories, and visiting his grave at the Church of St Peter and St Paul.

Unsurprisingly, there were a number of Roald Dahl characters in attendance on World Book Day in Year 2, as well as a number of other favourite characters, and the children loved taking part in the World Book Day quiz.  Year 2 rose to the challenge of leading their house teams in this fun activity.

Back to reality; in mathematics this week the children worked on measurement. They worked on measuring the length and height of a variety of objects in centimetres and metres, using rulers and meter sticks.  They were able to compare and order objects using the language ‘longer than’, ‘shorter than’ and ‘taller than’.

In science, the children found out about stages in the human life. They used informational videos, photos and time-lapses to learn about it, learning how to name, sequence and compare the different stages.