They were able to sequence the story in their own words.  They were also in awe of Lynne Cherry’s vivid coloured-pencil and watercolour illustrations, engaging their attention and senses throughout. We are pretty sure that her dramatic perspective inspired the Year 2 children when writing a description of a rainforest using their 5 senses.  This was an unaided piece of writing, and what a wonderful group of writers we have in Year 2!

In mathematics, we have continued learning about fractions. This week we turned our attention to recognising and finding a quarter and a third of a number.  The children are also beginning to think about the similarities and differences between finding ½, 1/3 and ¼ of a number.  It is now so clear why we need to know our multiplication facts, so do please keep on brushing up the 3- and 4 times tables!

We kicked off our new science topic– “Living Things and their Habitat” by finding out what we know already and then by asking questions in order to develop our understanding.  We spent some time defining and learning scientific vocabulary to support our learning (organism, habitat, consumer, producer, consumer, prey, predator, nutrition) and played fun games to consolidate their meaning.

We look forward to continuing all of the above topics next week, after a lovely, extended weekend – enjoy!