In mathematics, we have concluded our exploration of fractions by recognising three-quarters (three lots of ¼).  The children were able to find three-quarters of a set of objects or a number.  They also used their knowledge of unit fractions and non-unit fractions to start to count in fractions up to a whole, focusing on halves, thirds and quarters.  Next week, halves and quarters will be put to good use when tackling TIME!

Having completed their letters to the Senhor, pleading to save The Great Kapok Tree, Year 2 turned their attention to researching and writing non-chronological reports in English.  A wide range of creatures from the rainforest formed the basis of these reports – much to the children’s delight!  In science, moreover, the children learned about how habitats can support a wide range of animals. They also found out about how animals have adapted to suit their environment through class discussions and a variety of resources.